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Carla and her team offer the following career support services to help you meet your career, employment and salary goals:

Free Skype Coaching Consultation

A coach is an individual who works alongside you to help you define your personal goals according to your personal priorities. We listen to your objectives and then help you set clear, measurable and achievable goals. As we have a close working relationship, we need to be compatible. We offer anyone who is considering hiring a personal performance coach a free 20-30 minute call so that we can both find out whether we get on, how we prefer to communicate, what frequency you would like support and what sense of commitment and urgency you have. Please call us today on 020 123 8169 to book your free coaching call.

Coaching for Enhanced Personal Performance

An increasing number of British executives are engaging a performance coach to help them climb their career ladder more quickly. They use their coach to sound out their ideas and agree a course of action to achieve their career goals, knowing that their reasoning has been clarified and their goals are measurable and and achievable within the specified time-frame. To find out more about our personal performance coaching, please click here.

Coaching for Active Job Seekers

If you are trying to change your job, or find a new role, and you have been applying for hundreds of jobs on Monster or TotalJobs and wondering why you are being ignored, then it's time to talk to us. We will work with you to laser in on what is really important to you in your next role and prioritise which factors are critical versus nice to have. To find out more about our job search coaching, click here.

Coaching for Interview Skills

If you are passively seeking a new role, or if you are furiously searching for a new job, then we can help. Our interview skills coaching will have you confident and ready to face your interviewers in just a few hours. Our clients have gone from frustrated and miserable employees, to excited and engaged professionals in just 26 days! Anyone can be successful with a little support. Click here to find out more about our interview skills coaching or call us today on 020 8123 8169.

Coaching for Your First 90 Days in a New Role

We are the secret weapon executives use to keep their swan-like appearance in their new workplace. We offer new starters an independent sounding board where they can discuss their cultural, political or functional challenges in their new role over the first 90 days, which is the critical probationary period where employers decide whether they will offer you a permanent position or not. Call us today on 020 8123 8169 to tell us about your new challenges and find out how we can help you.

Coaching for Those Facing Redundancy

Our team of professional coaches come from a strong commercial and Human Resources background. As senior decision-makers, we understand that businesses sometimes need to make tough decisions that can throw families into turmoil. We work with your staff to help them through this uncertain time Click here to find out more about our Redundancy Support.

Coaching & Mentoring for Sales Professionals

Our sales coaches have won millions of pounds of business during their careers and continue to trouble-shoot sales operations in businesses of all sizes. If you are small business owner who is responsible for your company sales for the first time or if you are working your way up the sales career ladder, then you might consider working with us to mentor you through the sales and prospecting process. To find out how we can help you click here, or call us on 020 8123 8169.

If you would like to discuss your personal coaching requirements, please contact us today.

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